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AM BRUSHING- Brush teeth after breakfast using small circular strokes. Be sure to brush all chewing surfaces and all sides of each tooth. If your child is over two years old but cannot fully spit out all the tooth paste, stick to a pea sized amount of fluoridated children’s toothpaste.  If your child can fully spit out all toothpaste without swallowing any, a fluoride mouthwash can be used.  Swish with a mouthwash that contains fluoride but has NO ALCOHOL.


PM BRUSHING- After your child has finished eating and drinking for the day, floss between each tooth that touches, then brush as described above.


  1. Make sure your child only ingests water after bedtime brushing.

  2. Be sure to help your child with brushing & flossing if your child is 10 or younger due to lack of dexterity (hand skills).

  3. Begin using toothpaste with fluoride (a pea-sized amount) at age 2.

  4. Most children’s spitting reflex is not developed until age 4; however, they make a children’s toothpaste knowing they are going to swallow it, that’s why there is a children’s vs. adults strength fluoridated toothpaste.

  5. Remember a clean tooth cannot decay.





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A cavity-FREE generation is our goal.
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